Wow, what a week from our year 6s doing home learning. Their attitude has been brilliant and we have seen so much amazing work. From art to persuasive adverts in English, taking active breaks outside and making the most of the snow, you have done us proud. @InkersallK

Inkersall Primary Academy uses the GROW curriculum. GROW stands for giving time to one another – supporting collaborative, child-led enquiry; reading to explore; opportunities for adventure found within the curriculum, and well-being. It is based on developing growth mind-sets within adults and children within the school and celebrating positive behaviours and steps in new learning.

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The GROW curriculum is designed to stimulate children to ask searching questions, to shape their learning, and to support them as they develop into independent critical learners.

Literacy is prioritised, with reading valued as the platform which underpins a love of learning and creativity, and sets the foundations of independent enquiry which last for a lifetime.

Children are given a new book each half term, which is theirs to keep and value over time. This also promotes reading in the home as well as school.

Learning delivery is based around exploration of the text, allowing vocabulary and a love of books and literature to be developed at an early age, whilst discovery of textual richness supports a strong emphasis on oracy, active learning, and topic based work. As part of this, children learn a modern foreign language, and we aim to introduce the children to the wider world at every opportunity.

The choice of texts is carefully considered. This is designed to support enquiry within the broader balanced curriculum, which includes subject-based knowledge, sport, music, dramatic expression, and the spiritual, moral, social and cultural education provision which underpins the expression of values inculcated within the school.

Amongst these values, resilience is greatly prized and is regarded as crucial to ensuring that all children are able to fulfil their true potential over time, maintaining positive mental health and well-being. Children are helped to develop their growth-mindset through reflection time, and encouraged to believe that with hard work and determination, anything can be achieved.

Parents and carers receive regular updates on their child’s learning, including invitations to join children in lessons and creative workshops. Community is placed at the heart of teaching and learning with GROW texts used as the prism through which children are encouraged to engage with their own surroundings, and to develop as active, thoughtful citizens.

At least one visit or enrichment experience is offered each half term, and adds another layer of richness to exploration of the broader curriculum through the text.

For further information on the GROW curriculum, or on teaching and learning at Inkersall please look at the twitter feed for real examples.

For our approach to the spiritual, moral, social and cultural development of pupils, we use the Starfish story as a start point. This underpins the values and behaviours we want to promote and is not only taught in discrete sessions, but also within the hidden curriculum and assemblies. Click here to view the Starfish Story.

  • For a statement on the school’s teaching of phonics, including our use of the Read Write inc phonics programme, see here.
  • Find out what your child is studying this term through the school’s Curriculum Planning available here.
  • A copy of the school’s statement of British Values is carried here.